Meet the Artist

Michele De Vincentis is an instructor and writer from northern New Jersey who specializes in developing creative copy for businesses and institutions. She discovered her love for the written word at a young age and has been applying her talents in the working world for the past ten years.

What makes the act of writing such a passion project? Michele enjoys the search, the journey of discovering which words evoke just the right emotion. She’s a storyteller at heart.

Her inspiration is drawn from little and

big things alike. She’s an artist, an adventurer who has recently rekindled her love of the outdoors. Every choice, every chance taken, contributes to life’s creative experience.

She’s not afraid to delve deep.

So who are you? What’s your company about? When people of the world hear your name, what will they think?

Allow Michele De Vincentis to help you find the words - to tell the story that’s unique to you.


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Web Copy
Creative Writing
Copy Editing

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